The Cozmo insulin pump

This is a picture of the Cozmo insulin pump (proper name is Cozmore).

The Cozmo insulin pump is an easy to learn, easy to use pump. You also have the option of having a Freestyle Cozmonitor for your pump. This is simply a little blood glucose monitor that fits on the back of your Cozmore pump for convenient blood sugar testing.

Check this picture out to see the Cozmonitor attatched and to the pump.

AS you can see in the picture, there is a little slit in the bottom of the Cozmonitor where the test strip is inserted. There is no secret way to test your blood sugar with the Cozmonitor, you just use it like you would a normal monitor. It takes about 5-7 seconds for the results to show.

And get this, your blood sugar results show up right on the Cozmore screen! No more having to dial in your blood sugar numbers!

I have personally used this pump and monitor and have loved it. Not to mention it looks kind of like a cell phone, therefore it hides pretty well. I have had a few people ask to use my cell phone while pointing at my pump!

Did I hear correctly that some of you are athletes and you are only considering a pump that is waterproof? Well, I am happy to inform you that the Cozmo insulin pump is waterproof! I have gone swimming many times with it and have had zero problems with it malfunctioning. They say that you could pour water down the battery compartment and it still won't break! Now that is a pump worth looking into!

The Cozmonitor is not waterproof! Make sure you take it off and keep it away from water when you decide to walk in the rain, swim or take a shower. This is very important to remember! I have ruined a couple of them that way and they are about $70 or more to replace it! If you are not careful, this could really make a whole in your pocketbook!

Usually the the pump company will replace the first Cozmonitor ruined with no charge, but all those ruined after, you have to pay for.

Hey, I don't know about you, but I really love color! Much to my delight the Cozmo insulin pump comes in three different colors. Pacific Blue, Tropical Green and Volcanic Black, which is the same as saying it comes in blue, green and black. My pump is blue and I've had it for almost four years and I still haven't tired of the color!

Smith's Medical (who are the company that make and sell Cozmore pumps and pump supplies) have decided to get out of the diabetes field. Meaning they are not making any more insulin pumps or pump supplies anymore. However they are still selling the ones they have. When they have run out of supplies and pumps that is the end. Please still check out the possibilities if you are interested in using this pump. It is a wonderful pump!

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