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"I have a Paradigm 722 Insulin Pump."Also known as the Minimed pump! This is a device that enables you to deliver insulin without the pain of shots given four times a day. This insulin pump, the 722 Paradigm pump, is a product of Minimed. It runs on an AAA battery, and uses Novolog insulin, a fast acting insulin that keeps your numbers down. There are two kinds of ways to take your insulin using your Minimed pump. One is a background insulin called the basal rate, which you can lower or raise according to what activities you are doing. The second way to take it is to use a bolus, which is the dose that you take for meals and such like you would in a shot. Insertions are very painful as you have a two-inch long needle to deal with!

My experience: I have been using this model for a year on May 14, 2008. I got it on my birthday, pretty cool present, huh? Expensive too! Life with the pump has been good and a lot simpler than it was taking shots every six hours. Despite the few negatives of a little bit of pain, I enjoy the simplicity of this machine.
Kay Maynard, 13

Paradigm 722 Insulin Pump (Medtronic Minimed)

I have been on the Minimed Insulin Pump for about 4 years now. What surprised me was how easy it was to use and how fast it was. Instead of taking my insulin bottles everywhere I went, I just pushed a couple of buttons and away I went. Its amazing and I would recommend the pump to anyone with teen diabetes. :)

Maya, 13

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Also, if you have a loved one who has diabetes but are not diabetic yourself and you would like to share a story I am grateful for all such entries.

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