What to do if you have Low Blood Sugar symptoms during a meal

Low blood sugar symptoms vary from teen to teen. If you have diabetes and your blood sugar goes low you might feel:

  • Shaky
  • Sweaty
  • Headache
  • Weak
  • Anxious

For a quick hike in your blood sugar you need sugar. For a leveler, you need a fair amount of fat and protein.

This is a good reason for you to keep up on your blood sugar testing. If you keep a good eye on it than you have a better chance of having a good A1C number.

Some doctors say that you need to have carbohydrates when you have low blood sugar test results, but I would say out of personal experience that it depends on the person.

Here are some snacks for low blood sugar

There have been many times where I sit down to a meal and I feel like my blood sugar is low and I have wondered, “what should I do?”

Here is how I deal with symptoms of low blood sugar during a meal

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