Lose weight and eat better using the Glycemic Index!

Here is a “diet” for those of you who want to be in better health and want to lose weight. This is called the G.I (Glycemic Index) diet. The G.I. tells you how fast or slow different foods break down in your body, which ones leave you hungry shortly after you eat, and which ones keep you from being hungry so soon. Some foods are higher in natural sugars than others, like fruit. These foods fill your hunger for a short time and then make you hungry again. These kinds of food are high on the G.I. diet. There are other foods as well, that are high G.I. but that are not necessarily high in sugar.radishes

Foods that are low G.I. are optimal. These foods help keep you satisfied longer and are better foods to eat, especially before exercising if you have a tendency to go low after or during your exercise.

There is also a good medium on the Glycemic Index. Medium foods are not the best for you, as low is, but they are not bad for you like the high foods. These are foods like an oatmeal cookie, wheat thins, or vanilla ice cream. These are good snack foods when eaten in moderation. Though there are more medium foods on the list, these are just a few. They don’t keep you satisfied as long as low G.I. foods, but they don’t spike your hunger like high G.I. foods either.

This is just a brief overview on the Glycemic Index. However, here below is a great source of information about how to eat lower G.I. foods while using what you have at home. As you know, some cookbooks can be irritating because of all the ingredients that you have to buy special for a recipe. This cookbook, written by Debbie Johnson, is full of wonderful recipes that are sure not only to please the taste buds, but also the checkbook, as she uses foods and ingredients that she has at home.

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