I have been asked many times, "don't you hate having type one diabetes?"

Do you often wonder why you were chosen out of all the people in the world to have type one diabetes?

Although you may think you're alone, be assured, you're not alone! I too have type one diabetes!

I also have a few friends that are type one diabetics! My nurse's son is diabetic, my figure skater friend is diabetic, I've worked with many young women who are diabetics, the list can go on.

Have you ever heard the phrase"it's a small world?" Well, I'll bet if you asked a friend of yours if they know anyone with diabetes they could name at least one.

All these young people share the same disease and the same view as you!

It's hard being a teenager or even a pre-teen growing up with diabetes. Everyone looks at you weird, or treats you different, even your best friend at school might not want to be seen with you for fear of being picked on too!

This can be hard to deal with. The good news is there's a way to get around that!

First you have to decide whether you are going to let your type one diabetes take over your life or not. Then you have to persevere.

I know, it doesn't sound quite like what you wanted to hear, but believe me, you can totally hide it if you just be yourself!

People like you for who you are, not because you do or don't have diabetes.

If you just ACT YOURSELF, people won't care whether or not you have type one diabetes, or even type two for that matter.

Many teens and pre-teens choose to hide their diabetes in different ways. They either don't take their insulin when they are supposed to or just don't take it at all!

This is not good however, because it could land you in the hospital in critical condition and/or it could kill you!

Is that where you want to be? I sure don't!

I choose to beat this disease at it's own game! I dare to be different!

It sounds easy, and believe me, it's not. You will still have people teasing or making fun of you from time to time, but in the end you feel like a better person when you have chosen to live a good life with diabetes and not let people tear you down.

Another thing to help you stay on track is not to let it bother you when people tease you. If you let them bother you, you could suffer from depression or do something drastic at the expense of your health (which is your life)!

You have to be the example to other teens and pre-teens with diabetes. They look up to you!

Not to mention if you are a good example, the adults will notice it too and be very impressed.

Show everyone you can have a normal life with diabetes!

So instead of saying "I hate diabetes," you can say, "I'll take it!"

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