How to get rid of Ketones

rid ketones

When you have determined how severely you have Ketones it is now time to decide how to get rid of your Ketones. Ketones are NOT your friend!

If you have Ketones but not too severely (ex. Trace or Small) most of the time you can get rid of Ketones by drinking a lot of water and flushing them out. Let me repeat...A LOT OF WATER! Just keep drinking and going to the bathroom until they are gone.

Everytime you go to use the restroom, CHECK YOUR KETONES! If you keep checking, you can determine wheter or not your Ketone level is coming down.

When your Ketone test is “Negative” then you can stop drinking so much water and taking insulin. YES, you should also be taking insulin for your high blood sugar, but this is a different story.

Below are pictured two differently packaged Ketostix. They are the same exact brand. The only difference is that one package is individually wrapped in foil making it easier for transporting. The others are just in a tall vial more for keeping at home.

Also, this logbook is one I have use and will be useful for keeping records on your sick days.

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