Insulin Injection

Though an insulin injection still makes me feel nervous, I have become more and more relaxed using needles. You can become confident at insulin injections if you follow these directions. Some people don’t know how to inject themselves. Well, I must say, it is not as easy as just poking it in and pushing the plunger. You must be careful what angle you use and how fast you push the plunger.

Insulin Injections

First you need to find an injection spot and prepare the insulin for injection.

Second when you have found an injection spot, take either an alcohol wipe or a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol and clean the injection area.

Okay, now you should be ready for your insulin injection. Pinch up the skin that you wiped with the rubbing alcohol and insert the needle at a little bit of an angle. The angle does not have to be precise just so that you are not putting it straight in.

The plunger is really the tricky part because if you push it too fast it can hurt. Again the speed is not precise but if you just take your time and push it in you will be able to feel whether it is too fast or not. If it starts hurting when you are putting it in push a little slower.

Make sure that you dispose of the needle after one use. You can use a thick plastic container marked SHARPS for disposal. Alright, after you are done with that, you are done injecting the insulin! Good job!

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