Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar

You might feel symptoms of low blood sugar before a meal and wonder "what should I do?"

“Should I get some juice and a snack and then eat my meal? Or should I just eat my meal and my blood sugar will take care of itself?”

Well, I have learned from past experiences that it is just fine if you do either, but it is less time consuming if you just eat your meal.

It might be best if you get yourself some soda, or juice (something with sugar that will bring your blood sugar up fast) and eat your meal like normal. This should take care of your low blood sugar symptoms.

You could even eat a little of your dessert first for sugar if you don’t have or would rather not have juice or soda.

“But should I dose for my meal even though my blood sugar is low?”

Well yes and no. If you have a lot of carbohydrates in your meal than you might dose for everything except 15 grams (which equals one carb).

I don’t usually dose for my drink when I have a low blood sugar unless it is soda or something extra sugary.

Be careful though because if you dose too much, your blood sugar will then drop again.

If you dose too little, your blood sugar then will skyrocket and you will therefore have to correct for it.

If you are on shot therapy than taking more insulin because of a high blood sugar is not a fun prospect.

If, however, you are on insulin pump therapy than to correct for a high blood sugar is not so hard to do. The only downfall to correcting often for a high blood sugar is the fact that you are using up more insulin and therefore you run out faster.

So be extra careful, and make sure you pay attention to your numbers. Control is everything!

Low Blood Sugar Symptoms

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