Teen Diabetes

Okay, Teen diabetes (type 1 diabetes).
People with type 1 diabetes usually have to take insulin (as you probably know).

I use NovoLog which is a form of short-acting insulin. This I use to dose for my meals, snacks and correction bolus's.

HumaLog is another well known short-acting insulin that is used for these same things.

Another insulin that is used is called Lantus, but this is a long-acting insulin.

Lantus is usually used at night before you go to bed so that it is in your system all of the next day. This helps to stabilize your blood sugar throughout the day so that you aren't always going low and high and low and high all the time.

Not all people with type 1 diabetes use Lantus, but guaranteed they probably have used it at on time or another.

I used it when I was first diagnosed and on shot therapy. Now that I am on insulin pump therapy, I use only NovoLog.

If, however, I ever have a problem with my pump and can't get a new one for a couple days or longer, I will have to go back to shot therapy.

Because I am on insulin pump therapy, I use only Novolog; the short-acting insulin. This is because I have what's called a basal rate that gets squirted into me from my pump all day long. Well, actually, I only get it at certain times of the day but is in my system all day.

Now this may sound like a lot of information, but that is what I'm trying to make sure I give you. I want you to have more information than I did when I was diagnosed. If this is overwhelming, than just take it a little bit at a time. You can refer back to this later when you get a better grip on controlling your diabetes.