Who needs to know?

by Paige
(Ontario, Canada)

Hey, I'm a 13 year old girl who has had type one diabetes since I've been 4 years old. Through the years while struggling with diabetes, I've learned that honestly, not everybody has to know that you even have the condition! :) If I meet someone new, I just don't tell them if it seems unnecessary... for instance, I'm in grade 7, but I've decided that when I go to high school, the only people that are going to know about my condition are my teachers, and best friends. This gives me a bit of a boost of self esteem, knowing that nobody even knows I'm different that way. They can't judge me on it, so they can't hurt my feelings. :) So if you're reading this and you think that you're being judged upon it, just remember that nobody has to know if you don't want them too! :D

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Jun 17, 2011
So true!
by: Miriam from teen-diabetes.com

What you said about not everyone needing to know is so true! Some people do have trouble telling others about their diabetes and a lot don't want others to know.

Though I have come to realize over the years it doesn't matter that much whether or not they do know. In my case, people knowing or seeing my insulin pump provides a way for me to educate them about diabetes and let them know I am not sad that I have it. I am happy because I can help other people who have it! Also, if you are in control of your diabetes, it isn't that frustrating having people know. I like telling people that I am in control of my diabetes and that it is not in control of me!

I can understand if you feel like people at school are teasing you about your diabetes, that can be hard to deal with. But what if they are? Are they really worth your time? Is fretting about what they said worth your time? Not only that, they are the kinds of people who have low self esteem. They need acceptance, not you!

They tease because they don't know what else to do to get attention. If you think about it that way, you might start actually feeling sorry for them. Most of the time it means that they don't have a good life at home. No one pays any attention to them at home; no one shows love and affection to them at home, so they look for it at school without knowing the right way to get it.

If you feel like these people are bugging you, you can either ignore them or love them. Try and be their friend. Educate them about your diabetes if you think they'll listen. You'll be surprised at their turn-around by just loving them time and time again without giving up. They have had too many people give up on them, which is why they are what they are.

Thanks again for the information. Just this little effort here on my website is enough for someone else out there in the same situation as yourself. You are educating people about diabetes already! Thanks again and keep up the good work!

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